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Illustration zine no.2

My 2nd illustration zine is up now!  Its a 36 pages of drawings with pencil and watercolor, in black and white. There’s only 50 copies, then  after that happy days. Specially to those who bought it. A collectible zine that you wanted to collect. This time I tried something softer in terms of shade so […]

Zine number 2 – preview

A preview of my 2nd zine. This time I wanted to make a more softer version of my pen-ink drawings so its mostly pencil and watercolor rendering. I first named it coffee table zine I tried to draw relaxing images. the image was taken from my instagram –

Zine – The real and unreal people

Fun and cheap way to self publishing. My first zine. 50 copies – all numbered 36 pages of A5 size photocopied paper 148mm x 120mm Pen and pencil drawings ALL SOLD Old link to the shop