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The wipe new Twitter account

The wipe new Twitter account Thanks for following my old twitter account. I’m now trying to migrate all my drawing works to this new account. This is dedicated to all my drawings. Please follow me to continue my journey. All my activities in across will be published here. The wipe new Twitter -Have Fun!

Drawing of a dog I posted at Instagram

A drawing of a dog named RC Another good post at instagram.  A drawing of a dog named RC. Just an imagination. It’s drawn on a bigger paper.I love this piece. I hope you like it too. If you want to see more of this drawing. Please visit my Instagram account Rc #dog #drawing #sketch […]

Stolen happiness

Stolen happiness #drawing #swing #happiness #icecream #pencil #artist_community #artstagram #artlife #instaart #ideas #thewipe #2dart #grey #neutral #tegning

Nameless cool superhero – lol

This is one of those random doodle cool superhero. I think this is an interesting drawing. This is posted at Instagram too. This is just so way different from most of my drawing doesn’t even made it to be posted. Because of I think many wouldn’t like it. Hope will have this kind of process […]