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Ultra bunny the warrior.

Ultra bunny was an old drawing of mine. Recently I was able to pull it out from my old idea folder. Excuse me with my cheesy title. I really don’t know how to title this character. I guess my inspiration was from a Japanese TV series in the 60’s . You must have seen Ultraman […]

Cyclop – drawing with digital art print on sale.

Cyclops, I’ve been wanting to color this , and this time I colored this 2 x , My computer freezes suddenly not sure whats causing it , but most of the third party software auto updates even microsoft windows xp update just recently makes my pc unstable , lots of updates run at the same […]

Welcome to Puff Art

A portfolio of ARt , Designs and Weekly Images from the Plastic Toy Planet . I hope You’ll enjoy this place as much as I enjoyed making puff the very first time. regards, Justo Cascante III