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Darth Vader with Katana

Drawing of Darth Vader with Katana. I posted this few weeks ago at instagram. I just missed to post it here. Making Darth Vader with Katana is more menacing than ever. Trying to mix more of a Japanese Samurai armor which I guess the original concept was base from. Seems I’m stuck doing these drawings, […]

Drawing Darth Vader again

Drawing Darth Vader again. So this is a redrawn on a cleaner paper. I’m happy with the outcome. Always loving those pencil scribbling at the beginning before ending up to this outcome. After drawing RC maybe this is connected to the final result. With a long snout like a dog. “Drawing Darth Vader again”   […]

Masks and Hats

Love this drawing it is just a random sketch , just adding heads, mask and characters , like lucha libre – the mexican wrestlers, all time favorite batman, ronald mc donald wig,mickey mouse hat, a chinese pigtail hat, ninja, gas mask, Jason’s friday the 13th mask,darth vader and a medical mask for h1N1 . enjoy […]