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Ultra bunny the warrior.

Ultra bunny was an old drawing of mine. Recently I was able to pull it out from my old idea folder. Excuse me with my cheesy title. I really don’t know how to title this character. I guess my inspiration was from a Japanese TV series in the 60’s . You must have seen Ultraman […]

Monkey King hero is back

Today’s drawing – The monkey King. He is one of the beloved character in the Classic  Chinese novel “The Journey to the west”. The  Symbol of the righteous power to fight all the monsters and evil forces. Monkey King hero is back.


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Zine – The real and unreal people

Fun and cheap way to self publishing. My first zine. 50 copies – all numbered 36 pages of A5 size photocopied paper 148mm x 120mm Pen and pencil drawings ALL SOLD Old link to the shop

Tim Walker’s new music video now released!

Animated music video for Tim Walker now released. New Zealand Singer/ Songwriter Tim Walker inspired me to fit in one of my character design  for his music video “lullabies” . With mtv you can easlily create lots of images ideas for it and I enjoyed working for this project. I draw doodles and I send […]