The wipe new Twitter account

The wipe new Twitter account

Thanks for following my old twitter account. I’m now trying to migrate all my drawing works to this new account.

This is dedicated to all my drawings.

Please follow me to continue my journey.

All my activities in across will be published here.

the wipe new twitter account

The wipe new Twitter -Have Fun!

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

Pen pineapple apple pen or PPAP has recently reached more than 5 million view in Youtube.

This is portrait of Piko-Taro a fictional character by a Japanese musician and comedian Kazuhiko Kosaka. I remember I did a similar portrait of this character so why not redraw this again. Not in pen but in pencil.

Probably by now trending in Youtube. And everyone you know will soon sing this song about pen pineapple apple pen.

Pen pineapple apple pen

pen pineapple apple pen, ppap, piko-taro, Kazuhiko Kosaka

Year of the Monkey

Monkey for this year. I was inspired from recent movie poster look. The main star in his best beauty profile. Eyes in a character look . Got a short holiday during the Chinese New Year. And i got a little time to scratch this bored pencil to the almighty paper. Adding more character was another aim . Not googly eyes but more human , since they have been said close to us. I draw this without any reference photos since I love apes and gorillas ever since.

Here’s another older drawing you might like –Link.

 Year of the monkey ! Happy Chinese New Year to all !

monkeyyear of the monkey



Ultra bunny the warrior.

Ultra bunny was an old drawing of mine. Recently I was able to pull it out from my old idea folder. Excuse me with my cheesy title. I really don’t know how to title this character. I guess my inspiration was from a Japanese TV series in the 60’s . You must have seen Ultraman , my bro use to watch this on TV while I was running  around not paying attention to the show. I find it interesting later on. I will probably try to color this if I have extra time later.

I like the snippet I made for this and it says:

Ultra bunny is a great warrior of the backyard garden. A guardian of his masters house.


Ultra bunny

Darth Vader with Katana

Drawing of Darth Vader with Katana.

I posted this few weeks ago at instagram. I just missed to post it here.
Making Darth Vader with Katana is more menacing than ever. Trying to mix more of a Japanese Samurai armor which I guess the original concept was base from.
Seems I’m stuck doing these drawings, its a pencil and some ink .
The  fun part of drawing these kind of famous characters you can be playful of new ideas . I wouldn’t mind drawing another one.

Let me know what do you think. Try to convince me if I would draw more or not . Thanks for looking anyway.

This is another post I did earlier

Darth Vader with Katana